Round2.Me is a totally new Virtual Reality experience, which provides you with high quality 360 degrees images and brings you into a real environment full of information, slides, pictures, vides, 3D elements, audio, many other integrated contents.
The result is an immersive experience of Virtual Reality for head-mounted displays, including Samsung Gear VR and Google Cardboard.
Go gaga over technology and use it to learn, to travel, to explore, to entertain.

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Round2.Me takes you into a live and rich Virtual Reality experience with focus on the country’s cultural heritage, museums, historic sites, buildings, castles, secret scenes and venues, that you can explore in advance to plan your visit, or just remember after your travel, or collect extra information that you weren’t able to get during your stay, buy souvenirs and receive them directly to your home.
Round2.Me is the natural evolution of the global tourism.

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"Round2.Me is the newest promotional tool that creates an impact with immersive experiences for your customers."


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